Thank You

for serving on our Coffee Crew! This will be fun!

Coffee is important for creating a warm, inviting environment, and for opening an easy door for conversations. We love providing coffee, but we will not let coffee be an excuse for people to miss out on our MUCH BETTER worship environment! We work SO hard to help people LOVE GOD, that we remove coffee right before the service begins, so people have zero excuses!

Serving At 8:30 Service

Please Arrive at kitchen no later than 7:00AM

Begin coffee and hot chocolate prep, hot water, and ice water. Be sure to restock, if needed, all supplies such as coffee cups, water cups, stirrers, lids, napkins, sleeves, and sugars.

3 types of Creamer: Hazelnut, vanilla, half&half.
Please fill the creamer dispensers as marked.

How To Make Coffee
  • Add white paper filter to the coffee filter container
  • Add 1 pack of coffee to the filter container
  • Insert filter container into coffee machine
  • Place carafe under filter (complete with open lid & dispenser pump)
  • Fill plastic pitcher with water to the fill line (there is a clear & a blue pitcher for this)
  • Pour water into coffee machine
  • When coffee has finished dripping, close lid and place on cart. Repeat until all carafes are filled.
Other Details for the early hour

Fresh Water
Add ice to large water container and fill with water and sit on stand provided. Take to coffee station

Hot Chocolate
Place large plastic pitcher beneath coffee maker and run 1 & 1⁄2 small pitchers of water into it with 2 & 1⁄2 scoops of hot chocolate powder. Stir well and pour into hot chocolate carafe.

Hot Water
Place hot water carafe beneath coffee maker (complete with open lid & dispenser pump) and run 1 & 1⁄2 small pitchers of water into it.

Fill All Carafes
Please fill and place in coffee station for first service.
Any empty coffee carafes before you go to service can be left brewing when you leave to attend

Take 1 box of glazed donuts and 2 boxes of assorted donuts out to the coffee station at 8:00

Serving At 10:00 Service

Please Arrive at kitchen no later than 9:30AM

Begin coffee and hot chocolate prep, hot water, and ice water. Most of this is making sure everything is 'topped off' for the 10:00 service. Make sure all coffee carafes are full as well as hot chocolate, hot water & ice water.

Be sure to restock any items needed: coffee sleeves & lids, coffee cups, water cups, napkins, stirrers, sugars.

Check and refill, if needed, the 3 different creamer containers.

Please see "How To Make Coffee," above.
Other Details for 10:00 hour

Fresh Water
Be sure to check the water container and fill with more ice & water, if needed. Doing this in the kitchen is best. If water level drops, you can fill the water pitchers and fill at the coffee station counter instead of bringing the water container to the kitchen.

Hot Chocolate
If there is any left from the 8:30 service, make needed amount to fill the carafe. Hot chocolate can be made in the large plastic pitcher and poured into carafe.

Hot Water
Be sure to check this and add if needed. Place hot water carafe under the filter container with no filter and run needed amount to top off.

Fill All Carafes
All coffee, hot chocolate, and hot water carafes should be filled and placed in coffee station at 9:30 for second service.

Take 1 box of glazed donuts and 2 boxes of assorted donuts out to the coffee station at 9:45.

Serving At 11:30 Service

Please Arrive at kitchen no later than 11:00AM

Check containers of coffee on serving cart in kitchen.
This will determine how much more coffee needs to be made. We should have (5) full carafes for this service.

Check hot chocolate carafe.
If over half full, no need to make more. If less than 1⁄2 full, make up amount needed for 1⁄2 carafe.

Check hot water.
There should be at least 1⁄2 carafe of hot water.

Check creamer containers.
They should only be filled halfway for 3rd service.

Check ice water.
There should always be ice water in the container on the coffee counter. Add more ice and water if needed ( 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 full)

Please see "How To Make Coffee,"  above.
Other Details for 11:30 hour

Remaining boxes of donuts to go out in the coffee station at 11:15. Here's where it can get tricky. If the 10:00 service is running late, take only 1 or 2 boxes out at this time, with the others in the kitchen until most of the prior service has left. Otherwise, you will not have donuts for the people coming to the 11:30 service. This is a judgment call.

Clean Up
Start clean up process at the 2nd and last prayer of the service.

Pour out unused creamer, wash creamer containers and leave to drain. You can also put them in a bowl of soaking water and the team leader will put away to drain.

Coffee & Water
Pour out any leftover coffee and water, unless there is an evening event that could use the leftover coffee. If there is an event in the evening, place carafes with coffee on the serving cart and wash all other carafes and turn over on counter with towel to drain & dry, lids & dispenser pumps as well.

After service has let out and the lobby is cleared, empty all trash cans in kitchen, coffee station, & lobby and replace with clean trash bag (kept under coffee station counter) Leave full trash bags either in front lobby ( only if everyone is gone) or in the kitchen. Someone will take to the dumpster . If you need any help just ask the team leader and they will be happy to help you.