Thank You

for serving at our Welcome Desk! This is a very cool, yet important job!

Part of creating a great FIRST IMPRESSION is to be readily available to engage with newcomers, and with decision-makers, helping to guide them to their next steps in their relationship with Christ, and with the Body of Christ.

How To Serve Well

Please Arrive at the desk no later than 30 minutes before the start of service.

Prep your area

  • Clean off the desk as needed.. Clutter on the desk is not welcoming.
  • Turn on the overhead lights. (Make sure all the bulbs work!)
  • Power up the iPad. Get it into kiosk mode

Be on the lookout
Newcomers may be a little nervous about asking questions. Be sensitive to needs, and ready to assist at any moment.

  • Smile! Greet people as they walk by
  • Do not get into long personal conversations.
  • Be looking UP, not down

Read Up
The answers to most questions are on our always-updated website,, and on the morning handout. Get familiar.

Answer questions
Newcomers are looking to you. NEVER, EVER tell someone that you don't know the answer. Tell them you will find out and get right back to them.

Communication Channels

We maintain 7 primary communication channels; 3 analog, and 4 digital.

Analog Channels

  • Sunday announcements
  • Welcome Desk
  • Weekly handouts

Digital Channels

  • emails
  • Facebook page

We've found that our digital channels tend to be way more effective, as they do not require Sunday morning presence to be effective.

Information and registration for practically ALL of our events, activities, classes, and groups are available on  The best thing you can do is to get people connected into that channel.

The iPad a the welcome desk is a great tool for this. Using this tool, you can give information, sign people up, and provide a way for them to give.

How To Finish Well

Continue to be available

  • Stay at the desk for 10 minutes after the service starts to catch latecomers.
  • Return to the desk at the end of the pastor's salvation prayer to answer questions and say goodbye.