Cave Trip

Date To Be Decided

Have a rockin’ good time!

Howard’s Waterfall Cave, near Trenton, GA, is a blast.  We will crawl in through the waterfall entrance, and spend around 3 hours underground together.  Inside, you will have fun exploring the underground world. Get up close with stalactites and stalagmites. Walk though giant rooms, and crawl through tiny crevices. Follow long, narrow hallways and see strange mineral formations. You might even get to see an underground waterfall!
You will NOT see daylight the entire time you’re in the cave, which extends over several miles. Are there bats? Yep.

Entrance to Howard's Waterfall Cave

Are you ready?

What you wear in the cave will get MUDDY! Remember, a cave is a hole in the ground. You can walk in much of it, but some of it is CRAWL-ONLY! Count on dragging yourself through mud for much of the day. It will ruin your clothes, and it is a LOT of work, but a lot of fun.
Be sure to plan and pack adequately.
Packing list below.

Tentative Trip Schedule

8:30AM  ARRIVE at church
9:00AM  DEPART Church
(no stops)
10:30AM ARRIVE at HOWARD’S; Crawl in, have fun!
2:00PM  Return to surface; change clothes, head out
2:30PM  Late lunch at Taco Bell
3:15PM  Hit the road toward home!
5:00PM  Arrive at church for pickup

What to bring

Caving is a lot of fun, but also a very intentional activity. Being properly equipped is an essential ingredient to having a great time. Please be sure you are fully prepared before this trip.

For Inside the Cave:

  • Helmet
  • LED Headlamp (see below)
  • Extra batteries (just in case!)
  • Water bottle, or Gatorade
  • Small drawstring backpack
  • gloves (optional)

For AFTER Cave:

  • trash bag (for dirty clothes)
  • COMPLETE change of clothes
  • flip-flops, or sandals
  • towel
  • CASH for Taco Bell lunch

What to wear IN CAVE

  • t-shirt that can be ruined with mud
  • Jeans or camps that can be ruined with mud
  • long-sleeve shirt (to layer)
  • Sneakers or hiking boots (NO open-toe shoes!!)
  • Helmet
  • LED headlamp

Steve’s Equipment Recommendations

Caving is FUN, and a little dangerous. You WILL bang your head against rocks, and there is always the risk of a fall… So we don’t take anyone in the cave without at least minimum protection.

If you don’t have a suitable cave helmet (you most likely don’t) I recommend a simple, inexpensive bicycle helmet. They’re affordable and offer good protection for your skull! We can duct tape a light to it. Tap the image for Amazon link.


Don’t go overboard on headlamps. The low-mid range lights like the one below (tap for Amazon link) are just fine. You can spend a lot more money, but this one works really great. Get the $11.75 one.


Howard’s is the easiest cave we do, but there are still slippery and muddy parts. You MUST have closed-toe shoes that have decent traction. Hiking-type shoes are best for caves. They WILL come back muddy. I just hose mine off and wear them the next day.

"The Intersection" in Howard's Waterfall