Know God

This is a short, four-week summer crash course on who God has revealed Himself to be, and how we can know him more.

This class won't just be about methodology, but about theology. We will explore the deep insights into God Himself, but presented in an easy to understand and process format.

PLEASE NOTE that it is SUMMER! So, all classes will not be on consecutive weeks. Add the dates to your calendar!

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Class Schedule

The God You Can Know  

6pm June 10

Who God Really Is

6pm June 17

How Can The Trinity Even Be?

6pm July 1

God's Big Plan & How You Fit

6pm July 8

Steve Dusek will host/teach this class.

Course Curriculum is based on Wayne Grudem's excellent book, "Systematic Theology," available on


Not a reader? You can listen to the author lecture through this book himself. Buy the audio at the link above.

EVEN BETTER... All these audio lectures are available for FREE as podcast episodes. Find them in your podcast app.

Class Videos

The God You Can Know

June 10th 6pm

Who God Really Is

June 17th 6pm

How Can the Trinity Even Be?

July 1st 6pm

God's Big Plan and How You Fit

July 8th 6pm