making the

gospel relevant

to our


That’s our simple vision. It just means that we exist to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ’s love and grace right down to the level of where you are, no matter who you are.

There are three ways we do that.

Love God

All of our Sunday morning experienced are designed around one simple thought: Helping people fall in love with God.

Love Others

Lifegropus are where we gather together to move church outside of Sunday. We do life, building relationships for the sake of pressing the gospel deeper into our lives.


Make Disciples that
Make disciples

A disciple is by definition a disciple maker. Disciples are leaders, calling others to love God and love others and make disciples.

The two primary activities of a disciple are “learning,” and “serving.” Every disciple does these two things. Learning and serving opportunities are open to everyone.

Learning Opportunities
Serve Teams