Phase 1

Candidates Picked

June - July

Candidates demonstrate a lifestyle of "loving God, loving others, and making disciples," and show a high capacity to serve in a greater position. 

New candidates are invited into the process, after being agreed upon by current deacons at the end of July, 2021.

Phase 1 ends with a
"Get To Know You" dinner and prayer time
6:30PM Monday, August 9

Phase 2A

Leadership Course

Begins 6:30 Sunday, August 15

Current deacons and candidates attend our custom leader development course, taught by Pastor Steve and other elders. While this material is primarily for new deacon candidates, it is GOOD STUFF, and applicable in everyone's lives.

The Law of the Lid
6:30 Monday, August 16

Our Simple Strategy
6:30 Monday, August 23

The Imperative of the Gospel
6:30 Monday, August 30

-- OFF Labor Day Weekend --
Monday, September 6

The Joshua Problem
6:30 Monday, September 13

Leadership Keystones
6:30 Monday, September 20

The Role of the Deacon
6:30 Monday, September 27

The Lifegroup Priority
6:30 Monday, October 4

Phase 2B

Personal Interviews


These interviews are assigned by the chairman of deacons, conducted by elders with new deacon candidates. 
These are casual and informal meetings for the purpose of hearing testimonies, discovering gifting, and exploring calling on each new candidates life.

Phase 2C



New deacon candidates have the chance to follow along on Sundays and during lifegroups to see how current deacons perform their role.  This is a great mentoring opportunity for candidates in a wide range of ministry activities.

Phase 2 ends with a
Deacon Prayer Dinner
6:30PM Friday, October 8

Phase 3

Installation of New Deacons

Sunday, October 10
Both Services

We will introduce new deacons, and pray for church leadership during the Sunday morning services.

Phase 3 ends with
First Deacon Meeting
Monday, November 8, 2021