Digital Prayer Requests

Please pray for me!

My prayer request is for my Grandchildren.  As they prepare to go back to school- 1st and 3rd graders, there are so many uncertainties about how to to this.  My daughters has listened to hours and hours of school board arguments and nobody agrees on anything!  I’m sure this is going on with schools across the country.  They need special prayers at this chaotic time.  Please pray for Eli and Scarlett.  Thank you!



Prayer for our health and to grow closer to God ,love him more everyday, and to serve him in all things



Finances is hard right now.i had a miscarriage a month ago and its still hard on me and my family because I was almost 4months along. I'm tired a lot but I've been out of work for almost 4 months because of my pregnancy be kinda weird to go back plus I won't get as much sleep.  Pray God puts me and my family where it needs to be in this world and my apartment complex stays virus free, bless you all.



Debra - For strength and endurance in her walk with Christ 
Jared - Salvation - He say he believes in Christ but unfortunately we do not see any fruits of the spirit.
Melissa - Salvation assurance and a closer walk with Christ
Jake - Salvation assurance and a closer walk with Christ
Jonathan - He says he believes but in recent years has fallen away from Christ 
Rene - Struggling with her salvation in recent years due to several deaths and illness with friends and family
David, Cruz and Jacob - Grand Children who need to accept Christ
Missionaries around the world, that they persevere, that their daily Provisions are meet. For their Protection
It goes without saying, our church, our pastor, our president and our country.

I'm the maintenance tech for the elderly folks that reside in Jasper I've grown to love these people in the year and a half I've been a part of there lives hanging pictures for them fixing their TV's helping them eat their dinner helping them get in and out of bed everyday for over a year, life has thrown challenges at me most people never see or worry about, but I've over come a lot and owe it all to my personal savior.  Thanks to pastor Steve 3 years ago this coming Sunday I was saved while transitioning from prison to society, I was placed at the timothy house where I did my halfway housing sentence I completed the program with out any issues and moved on to become the maintenance man for these great people who have at one time or another been there for us younger folks ,please pray for us all during this covid 19 pandemic,and I'll keep spraying packages and delivering them to our parents and grandparents..thanks.



Unspoken the Lord knows what I am going through, I know he hears me! Thank you for praying for me and my family. Have a blessed day.



Please pray that the people who don’t have GOD in there lives

Pray for Gene to have a full recovery after his surgery
Pray for  my sister Karen with her health issues

Just when the caterpillar thought the world      

  was over, it became a Butterfly.
Need prayers to clean Duanna of her addiction. Me to quit smoking. Thank you

Good Morning!  My daughter, Hope is a recovering cocaine addict and the addiction demon is knocking on her door and chasing her again.  Please pray for strength and guidance during this difficult time for her, and for her father and I as we stand with her during this trying experience.  

We know that God is our strength during weakness, and we pray he uses us for his service.
Thank you so very much!

Terry Hamilton here.  You hopefully remember me and my wife Donna.  As you may recall, we left our Coosawattee home in 2017 to move to Canton, GA due to Donna’s early on-set Alzheimer’s.  She is now in her fifth year of the disease.  The daughter for whom we moved to be near relocated to Ohio about 14 months ago, so we really don’t have any close relatives here anymore.  We have a church affiliation, but Donna’s issues keep us from being actively involved.  We have a chance now to relocate to Pensacola, FL to a new construction home to be near my two daughters.  I’m excited about the move as I really need help taking care of Donna, but the sheer logistics of packing and selling a house here is somewhat overwhelming.  We have several prayer requests:

Pray for Donna’s healing and that God’s will be done in both our lives

Pray for me that God will touch me physically and give me strength and endurance in taking care of her everyday

Pray that God will give me wisdom, strength, and clarity regarding this move and that even now He is locating a buyer for our current residence

We miss you all very much.  Thanks for praying for us.

God Bless you all.

Terry and Donna Hamilton


Mark's health and pending surgery

-Lee Ann


Please pray for my son Tyler Darling. He’s been exposed to Covid by his roommate.
I pray for all those in the house.



For some reason I have lost  the hearing in my left ear. Been to ENT, on medication, go back on 16th to see if it helps.
Need healing touch.
I have been through ovarian cancer twice and I continue to live in fear over this disease and recently had a scare to remove one lymph node turned into 10 being removed on June 25th the day after surgery we run into huge trouble with my colon stomach and and a hernia and I’m recovering at home still sick from all this and my daughter has a mammogram and and pap-smear scheduled tomorrow and she’s scared as I am she’s 28 years old just had a baby March 16th has a Six-year-old little boy my grandchildren and she’s been feeling very fatigued lately and very worried and did find lumps in her breast so please could you all gather in the mighty name and pray that there’s nothing wrong with my baby girl that everything‘s gonna be just fine but his jobs we are healed in Jesus name I pray amen. And a mist of all this she has taken care of me I live in Ellijay, Georgia she lives in Franklin North Carolina and every two days she’s here with me if she’s not then her husband is just please please pray for my family


Please pray for a better job for my son.
Thank you and God Bless!
Please pray for me to get some relief from this sciatic pain.  I slipped in my garage after a rain storm and tried to do a split.  
The pain has been excruciating.  Thank you so much for your prayers.
Continue to guard my mouth and mind from negative thoughts.  Be mindful of others needs, do not judge.
Keep my children healthy and safe.
Watch over our community.
For the Covid to be gone & life to get back to some kind of normal! 🙏🏼
Please pray for my son Tyler Cary and his wife Kat.T hey live in Scotland and live in darkness filled with anger and hatred especially for God. Also, their children Eli and Carmen who are growing up with their values. They have no contact with any family except her mother and grandmother. It's a very sad and painful situation. 
My children's salvation Rhiannon, Luke and Megan

Hey y’all! I have several

For my dear friend Rebecca, for healing from her lifetime of trauma, freedom from cancer and general peace. She is a Christian.

For my sisters, Bliss, Merrie and Susie. For (also) healing from a lifetime of trauma, the nearing death of our mom and closure for all the hurts.

For My friend Suzanne’s nephew Adam, God’s grace in his struggle with drugs, to know Jesus.

For our Celebrate Recovery ministry. Discernment for the leadership, elimination of petty squabbles, for Jesus to be proclaimed in the face of addiction.




Please pray for the safety, strength and mental wellness of all of our health care workers on the front lines of the fight for the lives of their patients who are hospitalized with Covid 9. Also please pray for individuals to humble themselves to mask up in public, not as a mandate but out of concern for others. Love your neighbors as you love yourself.



Jackie, is living at Cameron Hall Assisted Living in Ellijay, and she needs much prayer, as the isolation because of the virus has really depressed her spirit.  She had been getting to enjoy the facility and people, but this situation has really brought her "down."  Please pray for her and the facility.  She is a Christ Follower.



My son Jeremy who has stage 4 cancer. Has a new more powerful IV medicine.
Praying for his salvation and healing.
Praises to my Lord and Saviour for answered prayers!
Hi church family. I have an interview for a great job n my home state and I want it but I don’t know if now is the best time to move. Please pray for God to direct my steps. Thank you.
I have several family members suffering with Covid-19  now ...2 of them with compromised health problems. Please help me pray that they are well soon and that they have the strength to keep fighting this terrible sickness
Prayer for my family to accept me. My daughter and I are living now with my ex husbands parents in hoschton..... and rather than being morethan anything thankful for her help I am being resentful towards my family for not accepting me and not realizing I’m doing the best I can. So a wonderful prayer for me would be to help me remember God accepts Me and that’s all that really matters. And to be more appreciative and thankful for what I do have
Please pray that our Faith never waivers, especially during these times.  Pray that Cindy and I don't get distracted by worldly things or worldly crises.  May we look ever forward to what God has for our lives.
Please pray for Melinda Ridling. She has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 
Please pray for Brady. He has been talking about killing himself and cutting himself. He is currently in psychiatric program
My prayer request is that each day we can focus on Joy. The joy Christ gives each of us. We can choose joy instead of focusing on fears, the media or the covid virus. I choose Joy and pray you can too. 
My work had an employee test positive for covid. Please pray for all involved, residents and staff. Thank you.