We need prayer now more than ever. Thank you for investing this very important hour into this vitally important activity.

This Guide Is For You.

Please feel free to use this guide as a sort of walkthrough of how to pray during your time here. It is designed to give you a little help during this hour by providing some structure for you.

If you take your time, be focused and intentional, this guide should take most of your hour.

Of course, this guide is in no way mandatory. It is just a resource for you. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you!

Take It Easy

Nobody is grading you on this hour. This is time for you to spend with your Father.  There is no pressure to perform here, so you can just enjoy this time together.

As Much As You Want

This guide is for you... You can use all of it, some of it, or do whatever else God leads you to. 

You Know How This Works

We formatted this guide on our website, so you would already know how it works. You can always use the navigation supplied to navigate around.

Did You Notice The Pictures?

We'll have a slideshow running on the screens during your hour to help prompt you in your prayer time. Don't worry about that right now, though... We'll guide you through that a little later.