Saturday, February 17

How this works:

At the center of the property, we will break into teams, each heading to a "prayer corner." There, we will pray specifically for our church and this process as guided below. When your group has prayed at your corner, then prayerfully walk to the next corner (clockwise) for more directed prayer. 

After your group has prayed at each corner, we will all gather together at the building location and pray together.


Northwest corner:

As we stand and face our community, pray that here our church will become more and more influential in Gilmer County for the gospel. Pray for:

Our ongoing evangelism efforts

Tower Road ministry

Influence at Gilmer High School

Downtown events and activities we engage with


Northeast corner:

Hebrews 13 reminds us to pray for those who lead in the Body of Christ. Pray for our pastor, elders, staff, and deacons. James 3:13-18 is a good guide to pray for:

Godly wisdom 






Southeast corner:

The upcoming construction process will be busy and complex. Please pray for the entire thing to run very well.

No unexpected circumstances or costs

Smooth sailing- supplies, workers, cooperation


On time and under budget!

The Holy Spirit's presence and fruit!


Southwest corner:

It will obviously still be quite a while before we occupy our new building on this property. Pray for our church during the meantime.



New people

Salvations & Baptisms