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In 2020, We'll undertake a long, deep dive into Paul's grand masterpiece, often called "The Greatest Letter Ever Written." This letter has served as the theological foundation of the church ever since it was written. Revolutions and reformations have begun with the study of this letter. 
What could it do to you?

Get Ready.

Prepare your heart and mind for this! Below, we're providing some great resources for you to get a head start.

8-day reading plan through Romans

Romans Reading Plan


If you aren't already using the Bible App, you'll find it is a great digital tool for your reading plans, and weekend live events.

Bible Project Romans Overview

Dive Deep

You don't want this to just blow by you. Lean in. Take notes. What will you have to show for this intense study when it is over? 

Crossway Study Bible

This wide-format Bible has space for you to write notes in extra-wide, ruled margins. 

You can get it cheaper on Amazon, but you can find more varieties at Crossway's own website.

Journaling Bible (Amazon)

Journaling Bible (Crossway)

.life Notebooks

Our weekly notesheets are sized and punched to fit in these handy binders. Collect your notes for the entire series in this one helpful place!

Notebooks are available for $6 at the Parent Resource Center near KidZ Zone check in.

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