Tower Road


This ministry is the heartbeat of our church. 

We exist to love God, love others and make disciples. What better way to accomplish that than helping feed, supply and minister to low income children?


Every year in June and July, many of these children are left without a lunch provided for them.  The government funded SEAMLESS SUMMER program provides the food, we simply provide the volunteers and man power to get it out to the community. 


At the conclusion of summer, we collect donations to give school supplies to these children as well.  We get a fantastic response from these families that appreciate the fact that they don't have to go and buy the children the supplies that they so desperately need at school.  This also helps take pressure off the teachers who often reach into their own pockets to supply the classroom.

The Hope tree is a church-wide favorite.  Children from around the community can sign up to be a recipient of a Hope Tree gift.  We ask for a variety of needs, and wants from each child and then make each individual available for "sponsorship" by a family.  These opportunities usually go quickly.

Most of our volunteers sign up to participate in order to bless these families, but the volunteers end up being the ones blessed. These children are always excited to see us and come running each day.  Whether it's for food, backpacks loaded with school supplies, or just a simple book.

frequently asked questions

  • Where does the food for Seamless Summer come from?

    The food is provided by a government funded program. Coolers and food service items are also provided.

  • Why do we reach out to this community?

    This community is especially vulnerable as most are low income immigrants. Many families live in single wide trailers with little to no modern day conveniences. Providing these children with food, supplies, and resources enables them to step into a better future.

  • What time and how long can I expect to be there for Seamless Summer?

    Food pickup is at 11:30AM at Gilmer High School (one person is needed for this). The remaining volunteers can plan on being ready to serve at Tower Road by 11:30AM. Serving and cleanup typically takes an hour.

  • How do I sign up?

    Every summer we post sign-ups in the auditorium of our church. There is no limit in how often you are able to serve this summer!

  • How can I get more involved in various outreaches to Tower Road?

    We have a staff member fully dedicated to organizing these events so just shoot us an email and we will get you connected.

  • Where is Tower Road Located?

    Tower Road is just north of downtown Ellijay, you can find directions below: