Message: “Family Backwards” from Steve Dusek

Rebecca Cummings

Steve Dusek - May 5, 2019

Family Backwards

Seems like everyone just has to outdo each other with their own family dysfunction story. We all have that story about the crazy uncle, the unmanageable kids, or our parent issues. The Apostle Paul challenges us in a DIFFERENT way to outdo each other... A way that can result in our best family!

From Series: "Family30"

God has a lot to say about how to nurture and develop your family. Don’t get so caught up in the everyday that you neglect this important, God-gifted priority! This series identifies many issues today’s families face and will offer sound Biblical principles that are accessible and attainable. We will have the opportunity to make the choice to change the environment in our homes and chart a new course toward a successful and thriving family.

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