Closing Ceremonies

What a great “Closing Ceremony” we had on our new property.  It was great to just get to hang out with lots of our folks.  Everyone seemed to just enjoy being together.  For many, it was their first time on site, and there was a lot of amazement at the views, the access, and the amazing feeling that this new location just seems to engender among people.

Tree Cutting

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the MEN AND WOMEN that worked it to take down all those trees, especially on the eastern slope.  We’ve learned our lesson the hard way about having trees on our property that obscure the view, and that we can’t cut.  This time we’re getting it right.


John May is awesome!  Everyone loved his smoky barbecue!  He caters, people!

Band and Bonfire

What can I say.. Our band is awesome.  We love them.  Also, Aaron and Jess Freeman just plain made that bonfire happen.  Thank you!


Everyone just expressed a general sense of excitement.  We know that God is working this out.  We ALSO know that this isn’t for US, but that we are part of something HUGE that is happening for the future of the gospel right here in Gilmer County.  I think the way I said it at the party was that “we aren’t going to build something for us… We are building something for people who aren’t here yet.”

Will this be the last time we party on that property?  No way.  We’ll be back soon. Keep tuned into this blog and see what happens next.

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