The first quarter of 2021 

We had an exciting start to 2024 with the launch of our Right Now building campaign. It took lot's of volunteers, way too many hours and some very long days to get ready for it, but it was worth it! The estimates to build were so high, it looked impossible, but GOD said "Trust me, I got this!" Reveal day proved to us all that GOD was in this with us. In just a few months we reached almost $8,000,000 between donations, pledges and grants. For our small church, that is miraculous! This quarter we also baptized 4, saw 23 decisions, brought 9 churches together for DNow, and then we wrapped it all up with Easter at River Park. Our new location proved to be way better than the field, attracting lots of new faces. Powerful worship and message led to 3 of our decisions that morning! Our new EGG CANNONS addition to the after party shot over 9,000 eggs as kids raced to pick them all up.

As you take a look at this page, we hope you're as excited as we are for what this year has already brought and for what is ahead!

Making the Gospel Relevant


Loving God


Decisions for Christ

Loving Others


People in LifeGroups

Making Disciples


Equipping & Serving in some capacity

4 Baptisms

and 23 decisions for Christ!

Engagement Growth

We aren't just growing in weekend attendance, but in deeper engagement, with a big jump in lifegroup participation this quarter!

Service Attendance Surge

(Results do not include the 750 in attendance for Easter at River Park this year.)


Lifegroup Participation


Student Ministry Attendance Surge

(Spring break fell during March this year, resulting in lower average attendance.)


Celebrate Recovery Attendance Surge


Stepping Out In Faith

We took a HUGE step of faith as we rolled out our Right Now building campaign! We knew our goal was unreachable on our own, that's where GOD stepped in. He knew all along the funding for our new church building would come in. With the 2023 and 2024 gifts, End of Year Giving 2 for 1 and our Right Now pledges we raised $5,183,659! Add to that, we were awarded a $3 million grant, putting us just shy of our $8.2 million goal. Our GOD is amazing!

21-Day Spiritual Journey

It was never just about the money. As part of our Right Now campaign, our church went on a 21-Day Spiritual Journey together. 160 Spiritual Commitment Cards were turned in, resulting in:

113 Daily Prayer & Bible Reading

62 Fasting once a week

73 Participate in LifeGroup

42 Invite to LifeGroup

100 Praying specifically for someone

47 Invite someone to the Property Prayer Walk

75 Share the gospel with someone

22 Encourage someone to join a Serve Team

55 Participate on a Serve Team

70 Helping a neighbor in the community

Our 24 hours of Prayer saw 90 persons at the first hour's prayer meeting, 70+ Unique Participants for at least 30 minutes of prayer each, and 60+ Unique Participants for at least 30 minutes of Bible reading each. Plus our LifeGroups took on the challenge to grow their members with creative activities and serve opportunities in our community. 85 attended our Property Prayer Walk too!

Kidz Zone

During the Right Now building campaign, our Kidz Zone raised $400 to build a stone wall inside our future home at the Kidz Zone check-in area! They really got excited about their future home and gave from their hearts. What a blessing it was to witness!

Student Ministry

DNOW Weekend was an incredible weekend geared around helping students grow as disciples by loving God’s Word. Our students joined together with 8 other youth groups in Gilmer County culminating in over 170 students ( 37 from TOC) at Victory Christian Center for worship, fellowship, Bible study, and fun games. With special guest speaker, Stephen Dervan, we dug into how God has loved us so much to give us the Lógos, and how we should respond by loving God and the Lógos. Further we established if we love God’s Word then we need to build a life of discipline immersing ourselves in the scripture so we can obey. Students were divided into small groups as they stayed in host homes over the course of the weekend. We had volunteers serving in leading small group times, host homes volunteers providing transportation and meals, worship team putting in several hours of rehearsal and moving equipment to help with the weekend. Our 29 volunteers gave so much to make the weekend happen, but it was all worth it to see at least a 12 salvations result including 5 from The Orchard! 

Orchard Guys

Our men's ministry began meeting monthly for breakfast at iHop for a men’s devotional, prayer, and to provide updates from our OG Leadership Team on upcoming plans. Their first breakfast had 28 in attendance. Great start for the OGs!


Celebrate Recovery

One of the BIGGEST nights of the quarter was our 8th anniversary, with 253 in attendance. Spikes this quarter in attendance, resulted in 6 decisions for Christ, 4 rededications plus 16 baptism requests! Receiving a CHIP is a call for celebration at CR. We gave out 22 six months, 19 nine months, 13 one year, 10 eighteen months, 6 two years, 4 three years, 2 four years, 2 six years, 2 eight years, 1 thirteen years, 1 thirty-four years, 1 thirty-five years!

Not only did we update our policies and process to the path to leadership, but we added our apprenticeship program. It's designed to help those wanting to join leadership have a better understanding of what leadership means and to better prepare them to be a successful leader. Leaders put in 86 hours of training between them just this past quarter! We began an online women's step study and a men’s step study meeting. In addition, our Ministry Leader began training Timothy House leaders to lead a step study within their program, tailored to meet the educational level needs and time restraints of their programThis resulted in the Timothy House men joining us for Sunday services!  

Even though they have 17 leaders, 4 leaders in training, and 73 rotating volunteers each week, the spikes show just how much volunteers are still needed! These serve numbers may seem like a lot already, but did you know Friday night operations are on a larger scale than Sunday mornings? Not only do they need volunteers on First Impressions and Worship teams for the usual Sunday morning stuff, they also offer childcare and cook/serve meals every Friday night as well. Those are just the needs volunteers fulfill. Their leaders run the small groups that take place after the evening worship. So far this year, volunteers served 430 hours! If you've never stopped by Celebrate Recovery, we recommend you do. You might find your calling!

Easter at River Park

You know that old saying, "When God closes a door, He opens another one," well our new location was a HUGE hit! With close to 750 in attendance, we rocked the park with our worship! We saw many new faces, made new friends, and know of at least 3 salvations that morning. The addition of egg cannons really stepped up the egg hunt, shooting over 9,000 eggs on the lawn. Kids, teens and adults enjoyed the morning of worship, games, fellowship and beautiful weather!


Valentine's Day

What better time to Love Others than on Valentine's Day. Right? We've got to hand it to our staff and volunteers for putting this special event on. It wasn't even on the calendar. They saw the opportunity to serve and show love to families in Gilmer County, and they seized it! Now that's how to live out God's calling in our community. 12 families served by 8 volunteers and staff. Way to go!

We continue to find innovative ways to inspire growth and share the gospel with those around us both physically and digitally. Our For Gilmer strategy has adapted and grown in ways we never imagined! From serving meals to playground maintenance, we have been hard at work continually identifying and meeting the needs of our community. 

Here are a few ways we are doing just that weekly:

Weekly Family Resource Packets Available On-Site Each Week

Praying for our Community, Leaders, and Individual Needs

Community Partnerships with the School System, Food Pantry, and local EMS

Guatemala Ministry

Supporting Pastor Secundino Perez Herrera

Two elders and two deacons walked into a church building in Guatemala.
It is an old, run-down awful building. Pastor Secundino is trying to get his new church building built. His congregation has raised enough money for four walls and a roof, but still needed a floor, windows, and front doors.

We prayed about it, and funded the completion of their building by sending them $12,000 from our Guatemala fund so they can begin meeting there as soon as possible!


Jeff Parker

With God's most perfect timing, Jeff Parker came on board to be our new Worship Pastor in March.  While his first month wasn't what anyone expected, we are incredibly thankful for his leadership and willingness to dive right in and serve!

He and his family are really looking forward to connecting with everyone face to face soon! 




We continue to look for new ways to engage with our online audience. We understand not everyone can meet in person, which is why our digital presence is so important to us, both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. Take a look at the social connections we're making!


2024 to date

LIVE/POST for 2024

2024 Quarterly General Fund


Current Fund Balance


1st Quarter Budget


1st Quarter Giving


1st Quarter Spending

February was already a surprisingly low month, due to an unexpected snow day.  Giving tends to drop when attendance drops.

March is obviously low, since we aren't able to gather.

Fortunately, we have had online giving in place for quite some time, and have just added the option to "text to give." We hope this will continue to empower generosity for the sake of the Gospel.

  • Love God: $7,543
  • Love Others: $5,810
  • Make Disciples: $17,361
  • Facilities: $30,712
  • Admin: $28,173
  • Payroll: $100,863

Year to Year General Contributions



Total Contributions



Total Contributions



Contributions to Date

Student Ministry


Current Fund Balances


Total Giving


Total Spending

Celebrate Recovery


Current Fund Balances


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Total Spending

For Gilmer


Current Fund Balances


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Total Spending



Current Fund Balances


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Total Spending

Highland Property


Current Fund Balances


Total Giving


Total Spending


We hope that this information gives you a complete and well rounded look at how we seek to steward our resources.  Your obedience and generosity makes all of this possible.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to our executive director, Larry Lynch. You can call at 706-621-5160, or email through the button below.  He manages our accounts and is more than happy to help!

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