Next Class: Sunday, April 7 @ 1pm
(Immediately after 11:30am service)


Orientation is our chance to “pull back the veil” and reveal what we are all about. This is the formal process of becoming a partner with our church.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover at Orientation:

  • Our Unique Call

    We believe we are here because God has uniquely called us and that our calling is different than that of other churches in our area.

  • The reason we do everything

    There is purpose in everything we do at The Orchard… We are eagerly exploring and expanding His unique call.

  • Partnership VS Membership

    There is a Biblical difference. Discover what you’ve been missing and how to expand your capacity to be used by God.

  • Jesus' simple growth process

    As always, Jesus makes it simple!


The Orchard Church

7288 Hwy 515 N

Ellijay, GA 30536