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We will celebrate our anniversary, and we will re-partner together for the new year! YOU are invited to try out partnership with us, and experience how GOD wants to use you to bring the KINGDOM HERE.


New Location:
Gilmer High School Gym

10:00 AM

What Is A "Partner?"

New Message Series:


Did you ever have a dream for your life? Did you ever believe that you were destined for something great? Jesus does. He created you for a very specific purpose, and to be used by him to reveal a much bigger vision of a much better Kingdom! Can you see it? You can, when you see Him!

This new series will help you see your life the way Jesus sees your life... With purpose and power!

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We're returning to our roots, exploring one book of the Bible verse by verse in 2020.

Romans has been called "the greatest letter ever written."
In it, the Apostle Paul draws a vivid picture of how far we really are from God, and how He is the true hero, bridging the gap to make Himself accessible to us.

Romans speaks on everything from homosexuality to predestination, couches it all in covenantal history and biblical theology, and leads from it all into God’s mission to reach the nations with the gospel.

Begins Sunday, February 9

JUNE 8-12
Southern Wesleyan University


Digital Response Cards

This morning's service will consist of prayer, singing, and a message.

We all RESPOND together as part of worship.
Please use one of the paper response cards in the seatback in front of you, or use the digital response card here.

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Have YOU been baptized? Come to our next NEW LIFE class to find out what it is all about!

New Life Class

Sunday, March 22 @ 6PM

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