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making sense of the bible

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"Making sense of Christ and The Spirit"

Here are some of the things you'll be studying in this class:

  • Person of Christ

  • Doctrine of the Atonement

  • Jesus' Resurrection

  • Jesus' Ascension

Starting April 11th, Susan Farnham will be leading the Systematic Theology class.
You can purchase Wayne Grudem's, "Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit" from your favorite book store or you can purchase it below.

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Why wouldn't it make sense?
The Bible is composed of 66 different documents, written over the course of a thousand years in three languages and across several continents by many different authors. It might be great to get a little clear on how it came to be, and what it is intending to do in our lives.

Reading Material
We'll use Wayne Grudem's excellent, easy-to-understand book, "Making Sense of the Bible." 
Books are $10 each.
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What we'll cover in this class:
The Word of God
What even IS the Bible?
The Canon of Scripture
How did the Bible get to be the Bible?
Is the Bible really God's Word?
Are there errors in the Bible?
Can only Bible scholars truly understand the Bible?
There is a lot more that we'll research, read about, and discuss together. This will be a great class!

Starting July 10th at 6PM, Susan Farnham will be leading this new class. No required reading, but we're sure you'll want to take lots of notes!

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Susan Farnham is an Atlanta native. A recovering Presbyterian, she and Dan have been married for 43 years! Susan began formal theology training at University of Southern Mississippi. She continues deeper and deeper to this day because she loves the Lord with all her heart, mind, and soul.


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