Next class: Begins July 10 @6pm


"Making sense of Christ and The Spirit"

Here are some of the things you'll be studying in this class:

  • Person of Christ

  • Doctrine of the Atonement

  • Jesus' Resurrection

  • Jesus' Ascension

Starting April 11th, Susan Farnham will be leading the Systematic Theology class.
You can purchase Wayne Grudem's, "Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit" from your favorite book store or you can purchase it below.

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"Developing a Biblical/Christian Worldview"

Next Class TBD

Do you have a Christian Worldview? Secular worldview? A blend of both? Is your worldview based on Biblical Principles? Your Feelings? What FOX and CNN pundits tell you? Is your worldview politicized?
Let's find out...six classes on the building blocks of a Christian Worldview. Topics covered:

  • What is a Worldview

  • The Bible and Your Worldview

  • The Doctrine of Common Grace

  • Secular Philosophy and Philosophers

  • Christian Philosophy

  • The Laws of Logic and the Apostle Paul

  • The Secular/Ideological Worldview

  • The Christian/Biblical Worldview

  • The Antithetical - Marx, Engels, and the Manifesto

  • Removing the Hand of Restraint - Critical Race Theory

Starting July 10th at 6PM, Susan Farnham will be leading this new class. No required reading, but we're sure you'll want to take lots of notes!

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