Begin the 21 Day Spiritual Journey Reading Plan


The basis for 21 days of prayer is found in Daniel 10. Daniel prayed and fasted for three weeks, 21 days, and his answer finally came.

This guide is provided to help us pray together each day.

Fasting is suggested in various ways. Each person must decide what is best for them as they seek God’s wisdom. One person could fast one day a week from food, while another person could fast the entire 21 days from something valuable to them, such as food, TV, video games, specific foods, entertainment, etc. Any variation that works best for individuals is acceptable. Our children can also participate by fasting from things like TV or video games.

The main point is to focus on God. We want to hear from God, and we can only hear Him when it is quiet. Our goal is not only to seek an answer but ultimately to know Him more intimately.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


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