Which generation do you belong to?

Each generation has their own distinctive way that they view and interpret events of the day. Your generation is defined by your birth year.

Builder Generation

born 1942 and before
The "GI Generation" and the "Silent Generation" are very often combined, because they are so much alike. They are nationalistic and value economic security and strong family relationships. Hard workers, they are all about diligence and commitment, trust authority, and see technology as a nuisance. They have been called the "get it done" generation.

Boomer Generation

born 1943-1964
The boomers were born during an economic and baby boom following World War II. These hippie kids protested against the Vietnam War and participated in the civil rights movement, all with rock music blaring in the background. They are individualistic and dominant. Known for their affluence and drive, they have been accused of being concerned primarily with their own comfort and personal power, often called the "me" generation. They value education, and desire to be in authority. Boomers will battle for progress and supremacy because they believe in themselves.

Buster Generation

born 1965-1979
Originally called the "baby busters," this is America's first smaller generation. As teenagers, they experienced the AIDs epidemic and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sometimes called the MTV generation, busters desire to have meaningful purpose in life yet want to live in comfort. Protecting the environment, and concern for others is valued more than products produced. They tend to value friendships and their relational network over their jobs or possessions. Busters need dialogue, not monologue. Team leadership is appealing.

Millennial Generation

born 1980-2000
Bridging the millennium, this generation experienced the rise of the internet, September 11, and the wars that followed. Despite that, this group is characterized as pleasant, cheerful, helpful, and community oriented. They focus on teamwork, and achievement. They have grown up entirely in the age of technological innovation and so rely on this technology. They are supportive of civic institutions and get involved in doing good deeds. They are prepared to accept challenges, and desire to live up to their elders' trust.

Generation Z

born 2001-2013
It is too early to truly define this generation at this time, but being born with the Internet, they are suspected to be the most individualistic and technology-dependent generation. Sometimes referred to as the iGeneration.


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