Thank you for being willing to step into this role, and speak God's word to our church.

Everyone Sins
Jesus Wins

We are here to pass on what is "most important," the Good News that everyone sins, but that Jesus wins. We're convinced that the way God deals with us is through showing us more of Jesus, and our response is repentance and faith. All messages at The Orchard come through the lens of the Gospel, clearly articulating the bad news and the good news. Without the Gospel, all we have to share is law.


Here is who we really are.

A Jesus-loving community of believers in the rural North Georgia mountains. 

We bought a standing church facility several years ago, and have since outgrown it's capacity. While we prepare to build our new building nearby, we manage two services each Sunday morning.
In addition, we've recently completed some exterior renovations for facilitating connections with each other. 

Message support

Our message setup includes the following visual elements:

Short message intro video

Themed Presentation Slide Deck

Presentation Table (no podium)

55" television on stage

Two projection screens (front)

One projection screen (confidence monitor, rear)

Pastor Steve produces his own sermon slides (1920x1080 images, imported into ProPresenter for presentation) 

If you need assistance with visuals, props, or illustrations, Annie Oakley is your go-to genius.


You will be introduced as our guest speaker during the morning welcome. 

How can we best introduce you? Why don't you give us a short bio of yourself for us to share:

Send my Bio

What to Expect

  • Arrive no later than 8:00 AM

    Annie Oakley will meet you at the door and get you where you need to go

  • Sound Check is at 8:15 AM

    We'll get you fitted with a microphone

  • Service Walk-Through 8:30 AM

    Entire worship team will walk through the service order and prayer time

A typical service goes like this:

Opening song


Worship Intro Video

Worship Set

Message Intro Video


Response, with Connection Song

Closing Instructions

You should plan for a 30- to 35-minute message.

You will have approximately 30 minutes between services. 

  • One Month Prior

    Make sure that all travel arrangements are made, and schedule of the day is confirmed.

  • Two Weeks Prior

    Have the title and basic needs for any graphics or visual aids prepared. Annie can help with graphics and pro-presenter slides so please make sure any requests are received by this deadline

  • One Week Prior

    Please double check all title slides for errors or changes. Handouts will be printed this week for all attendees so please confirm fill-ins or notes that you want to be included. Tracie will be in touch to confirm arrival times and service schedule.

Where are we?  Click here to find your way!


The Orchard Church

7288 Hwy 515 N

Ellijay, GA 30536