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Partnership is a one-year investment into your spiritual life, and into the mission God has called us to.

Count Me In

Anyone Can.  Partners Will.

Partners are people who say
"Put me in, you can count on me."

Partners view the call on their life as imperative, not optional. They have caught the vision of Making the Gospel Relevant, and they commit one year to being part of that vision in the following three practices:

Love God

Partners regularly attend and invite others to Sunday morning worship services

Love Others

Partners are committed to doing life with others in lifegroups

Make Disciples

Partners are becoming and helping others become by engaging in the discipleship process:

LEADING by serving on teams
LEARNING by engaging with a "deeper class"
GIVING to support the mission

Partners are becoming "doers" of The Word, not just "hearers only."

-James 1:22

Why are we different?

You may be used to a "membership" structure from other churches. This is very common. Our structure is different, because:

1. Jesus Makes You A Member

When you come into Christ, you become a member of The Body Of Christ at large.

You are citizens along with all of God’s holy people. You are members of God’s family. Together, we are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.

We are carefully joined together in him, becoming a holy temple for the Lord.
-Ephesians 2:19-21

2. Partners Make A Difference

The foremost church planter in the Bible, Paul, had a special, deeply personal relationship with one of his churches in particular. The Church at Phillippi understood his mission more than any other of his churches, and they were sold out to what God had called them to!

Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ form the time you first heard it until now. Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ…

…you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News.
-Philippians 1:27

Partnership is Simpler!

It is a one-year investment into your spiritual life, and into the growth of the Kingdom of God.

There is no theological agreement in being a partner. You don't have to have it all figured out, or even necessarily believe all of the same things as someone else. We just believe that if you start following Jesus, you will know him and trust him more and more... And HE will make a bigger and bigger difference through you.

Try partnering for one year. See what God could do in and through you! 

Count Me In


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