We need prayer now more than ever. Thank you for investing this very important hour into this vitally important activity.

This is going to be powerful.

We will spend the hour together in a spirit of prayer. This will include scripture reading, declaration, singing, and of course, praying together.

Please feel free to sit where you like. We are maintaining appropriate social distancing protocols for the protection of the vulnerable around us. 

We will use this digital prayer guide for this service. It includes verses for you. You can get to the prayer guide at the link below.

The ACTS of prayer

For this 24-hour period, we will use the simple prayer format, called the "ACTS" of prayer.  ACTS stands for:


Don't worry if that is confusing... We will walk right through it together.

Get Started

It doesn't end here

We are praying for 24 hours straight. Are you with us? Please consider giving God a sacrifice of prayer during this critical time in our community, our nation, and our world. Sign up for an hour below.

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