Our study on the book of ROMANS began in February of 2020, so if you feel a little lost in the series here are some helpful links to previous sermons to get you all caught up:

Part One:  Not Ashamed - Introducing Paul

Steve Dusek - February 16, 2020

Not Ashamed: Introducing Paul

This episode begins a long, deep dive into "the greatest letter ever written." It will change your life. It begins with Paul introducing himself. If you're going to understand Romans, you have to understand it's author, the Apostle Paul. Let's meet him!

Scripture References: Romans 1:1

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Part Two:  Not Ashamed

Steve Dusek - March 1, 2020

Not Ashamed: What This is All About

The church at Rome had a lot of tension. They had conflict in their theology, and it was causing problems... So Paul writes this long letter to them. Paul has a lot to say. He COULD have launched into rules and regulations, and who is right, and who is wrong. Instead, Paul's entire letter boils down to this one simple message. Is it your message as well?

Scripture References: Romans 1:1-7

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Part Three:  Be Right

Steve Dusek - May 17, 2020

Romans: The Big Turn

Paul has a great, encouraging, uplifting introduction to his letter, but then he goes harsh. For 63 verses, he talks really tough. It is stuff we may not want to hear, but it is stuff we need to hear. The next 63 verses only make sense if you understand the idea he sets up here at the big turn.

Scripture References: Romans 1:16-31

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Part Four:  That Day

Steve Dusek - September 6, 2020

Is This It?

So many of us are looking around at current events and wondering if this is it? Are we nearing that final day? Are we witnessing the signs of the times, and should we expect Jesus to appear soon? Let's have a look at what Jesus says about it.

Scripture References: Romans 2:5-7

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Part Five:  Unmasked

Steve Dusek - October 11, 2020

Face Off

That Day is coming when God will judge everyone. Including you and me. But, what is the standard He will judge by? If He judges by the standard of His written Word, then what does that mean for us? What does that mean for people who don't have access to God's Word? Is God's Judgment fair to everyone?

Scripture References: Romans 2:9-16

From Series: "Romans: Unmasked"

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Part Six:  Outrageous

Steve Dusek - June 6, 2021

Outrageous Expectation

Did you ever wonder, "what is the point of being religious?" Seriously, what is the point of getting up, going to church, and being part of something that seems so inconvenient?

Scripture References: Romans 3:1-31

From Series: "Romans: Outrageous"

Romans Chapter 3

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