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Goal: $____

Raised: $____ (to-date)

If you have not had the opportunity to give to the Highland Fund yet, we hope you will prayerfully consider making a 24 month commitment or a one time cash donation. Join us on our 21-Day Spiritual Journey leading up to Commitment Sunday. We'll guide you as you prayerfully consider what you'll commit to give over the next 24 months.

GIVE Right Now

Follow Our Progress

We'll keep you updated as the building campaign progresses and let you know when we plan to break ground. Once the building begins, photo updates will be added throughout the process. Plus we'll have a live webcam of the property so you can check it out whenever you like.

What's this Right Now all about?

Our Future

For years we've waited, prayed, and dreamed about taking our next big, bold step. At times, we wondered when it would ever happen.
After our long wait, God is moving and telling us to do something RIGHT NOW!
We acquired 20 acres of beautiful land back in 2018, and we believe RIGHT NOW is the time to move in faith to build a new headquarters for the Gospel in Gilmer County.

Who does this Involve?

We're in this together!

We are a group of people who are being transformed into the image of God as we love God, love others, and make disciples. God has brought us to this point, and we are ready to be used by Him to accomplish this great vision.


It's about more than just a building.

21-Day Spiritual Journey

January 21 - February 11

"This experience can't be about concrete and steel. If that's it, then who even are we? This has to be about a people surrendering to God and his plan for our lives. It has to be about pressing in and knowing Him more. That's the journey I'm interested in."
-Pastor Steve Dusek

Our heartbeat is to seek Him first, and His Kingdom, and His righteousness. THEN all these other things will be added to us. (Matthew 6:33) So, we are taking a spiritual journey together. We'll be praying, inviting, serving, and giving BOLDLY.

Spiritual Journey Guide

When is "Right Now?"

This will be a 21-Day Spiritual Journey
Culminating in 1 Commitment Day
For a 24-month Pledge toward the future of the gospel in Gilmer County


Join us for COMMITMENT SUNDAY on February 11!

Building Our Future

We bought this property in 2018

God made it possible for us to get some amazing land in an amazing location.


Spectacular Views


What's it going to look like?

Our new facility will be a place to grow. We'll be able to accommodate up to 500 people at one time, allowing for lots of growth on Sunday mornings. Our Kids' space will be a fun place for the gospel to be taught to the next generation, including a "sensory room" so we can serve kids with special needs well.
We made sure to include a good kitchen facility so we can continue to provide dinner for our Celebrate Recovery ministry on Fridays, as well as lots of other ministry opportunities.

"My favorite feature is the large gathering space. It feels like our current facility is function-centric. This new building will be people-centric."

Approaching View
Angled front View
Front View
Angled Rear View

Floor Plan


What's it going to cost?

Our cost estimate is $8.7 million.

Yes, that is ridiculous. But that is the unfortunate reality of building in today's economic environment. 

And yes, that number is way beyond our capacity.
But it is not beyond God's capacity.

We have already seen miraculous giving toward this project even before our journey officially begins. Based on what we've already seen, we believe that this is absolutely no problem for God, and that he will use each of us to make it happen!

How can I get in on the blessing?

Here are some creative ways to give toward this vision.

Income Tax Refund

Commit your income tax refund, or a portion of it to the Lord for 2024 and 2025.


Donating an asset (stocks, vehicles, etc.) to the church can be a very creative way to give. If this is a consideration, contact the church office to handle arrangements.

Put Off Purchase

Redirect discretionary purchase funds toward the vision of the Highland Fund.

Redirect IRA's and 401k's

Redirect retirement funds for 24-months to the Highland Fund.

Adjust Your Vacations

For the 24-month period of this journey, or possibly for just a part, do something close and inexpensive like day hikes, picnics, or take a three day vacation instead of a week and save on airfare and hotel costs. This can save between $1,000 and $2,000.

Cut Back On Discretionary Spending

Try basic cable instead of premium. Or maybe fewer streaming services. You likely pay for some that you don't use often. If you skip that $6 coffee at Starbucks twice each week, you can save nearly $50 each month! There are lots of ways you can work it.

Where do we stand so far?

Copy to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we break ground?

That depends on our pledge campaign results. If we come very close to our goal, we will be able to start sooner. We are currently in the design process, having construction plans engineered and drawn up. After comes the permitting phase. Once plans and permits are in place, we can begin whenever we are ready.

Are we building in Phases?

This is all about "Phase One." We do have general ideas for future phases, but we aren't pursuing those at this time. 

What if we outgrow quickly?

Wouldn't that be a great problem to have?
Sometimes churches experience a growth surge after moving in to a new facility. That surge is really dependent upon our people inviting their friends, neighbors, co-workers in to be part of what God is doing. 

Got more questions?

We're here to answer! We'd love to talk to anyone about our vision!


David Lynn
Campaign Team Leader



Larry Lynch
Executive Director



Steve Dusek



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